Saturday, March 27, 2010


The free GIMP's free resynthesizer plugin can do the content aware fill thing right now, as it can since 2005. On Linux and Windows. Debian/Ubuntu users simply do "apt-get install gimp-resynthesizer".

And video one and two showing the content removal function.
Free software needs better marketing. I only found out about this after the Adobe video.


cybrbeast said...

I also read about this on Reddit. When the new photoshop is released I'm curious to see how they compare in high resolution, because these resolutions are quite low.
I should try GIMP some time, but I've also heard the usability of GIMP is much lower than Photoshop.

annom said...

I just tried it. Object removal works good, but panorama completion gives a wide variety of results. Sky is ok, but other parts fail big time.

Adobe will probably do a better job, if they are serious about this.

annom said...

Ah, I used the wrong filter and settings. Here is a tutorial. May try it later.