Tuesday, December 19, 2006

w00t! I just booked my flight to Ecuador!

It's still a loooong time before I fly... but it's definitive now! My flight(google earth) ;) Sunday, September 2, 2007: from Amsterdam to Quito, Ecuador Tuesday, October 16, 2007: back from Quito to Amsterdam, Holland I can't wait to try this:mmmmmmmm guinea pig!


dekus said...


gl hf in Ecuador, I do hope you bring back the recipe for fried guinea pig home becouse it look very very tasty indeed!

And remember:
Mujeres, NO HOMBRES!

(they speak spanish in Ecuador right?)

pimp-a-lot bear said...

sounds like fun to me!
So you'll be gone for over 6 weeks!

I'm guessing you will be flying with iberia?

Guinea Pig tastes like rabbit, If you're asking me.

annom said...

Yes, I fly with Iberia, 860euros taxandallotherbullshit included.

cybrbeast said...

Awesome, only 9.5 months to go :)

Kamiel said...

gratz m8 looks like some nice experince. looks like an intresting land.