Sunday, December 03, 2006

Weird background in CSI: New York

I was watching last Tuesday's CSI: New York when I came across this scene. What the hell? Is this even possible for a building without collapsing? I'd love to hear your - and especially Wiki's - opinion.
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cybrbeast said...

Ofcourse! It's just a slight overhang. Like a big balcony. This is shaped like an upside down pyramid, which nicely transfers the forces to the inner support structure.

annom said...

Yeah, no problem at all!

This can be done without glue.

Wiki, how much do you know about mechanics of materials? Are bending moment, shear force, normal force, Youngs modulus and moment of inertia terms you have learned to apply at your study?

Can you calculate the deflection of an I-beam under it's own weight?

Or is that not part of bouwkunde?

Kamiel said...

Buildings like this one are defintly posible.

My direction isn't construction but architecture, though I do get the basics of construction. I know something about bending moments and inside moments, too.

But what the fuck is an i-beam? Can you eat it?

cybrbeast said...

standard metal beam in the form of an I

Kamiel said...

ahh it sounded spacy in english.

I'm supose that i can calculate it but i'm not that sharp with it :)