Friday, May 04, 2007

Mr. TorrentIt Speaks!

It's been a while since TorrentIt publicized a press release stating they will return once again - and will do so before the end of May. Today, TorrentFreak released the 35th installment of their p2p podcast which features no one other than Lermy, administrator of TorrentIt.

The podcast can roughly be divided into to sections, the first bit where Charlie asks a couple of questions that dig deeper into the past and focuses on the source of TorrentIt's previous success. Then there's the last section where a number of news items are discussed. Check it out if you're into p2p news!


cybrbeast said...

That was pretty interesting, but too long, didn't listen to it all.
What's up with the host and "fuck". I don't mind people saying fuck, but putting it into as many sentences as possible is a bit lame.
How many listeners does this guy have?

ExpendableAsset said...

I think he mentioned somewhere around 10.000. Seems a bit exaggerated to me.