Tuesday, May 22, 2007

Photo or Painting?

The author of the following photo/painting claims that it is a painting:

He, Dru Blair, is a respected artist. Here is his website. I just can't believe the picture above is a painting. What do you think? Please enlarge the picture to see the large detail.


Kamiel said...

i kinda don't believe it as well, on the site you see pictures they make from the 70 hours work. most of the time color tuning :s.
strange the artist isn't Japanese,
anyway i know for sure that i can do it better with MS paint

cybrbeast said...

I think it's a scam. This page where he explains and shows the steps he took to create it doesn't look convincing. Those steps look like he just took a photo and erased some bits. There isn't a brush stroke anywhere.
Also if you look at the earring you can see blur and digital camera over exposure.

How did you find this site?

annom said...

Yes, I agree, that page doesn't look convincing, but he does make some very realistic sci-fi/aviation pictures for star-trek magazines and other papers. I don't think they are all fake and those also look very very very realistic. Check out his site.

Blur and digital camera over exposure is no argument because the painting was ofcourse photographed with a digital camera :)

Anyway... I also still don't believe it.

LOL, it would be sad if it actually is real and nobody believes him.

He does give workshops and says you can view this in real life when you visit his workplace.

annom said...

I found this site on another blog, from the reddit.com frontpage. This doesn't mean it's true.

cybrbeast said...

Hmmm, the other paintings on his site are to small to judge. In some you can really see it's a painting. and if it's obvious in those why wouldn't you see that in the photo realistic girl? Also I don't see any other pictures of people.
I think he is just trying to sell his courses.
This one is one of his best.
He should post a few macro photos of the canvas, that would clinch it.
I can't find the reddit link, I'd like to see their comments.

Now this guy I really believe, here you can still see that it is painted somewhat

cybrbeast said...

Here is a thread on snopes about the subject. Apparently is has been circulating for a while.

Someone also made a gif comparison between one stage in the middle which does look painted and the final which looks like a photo.