Wednesday, May 16, 2007

Scientology and Me

This short film gives us an insiders' view on Scientology's propaganda machine and its frontman, Tommy Davis. Of course that's not entirely what this documentation is about, but one thing is certain: Tommy Davis is my new best friend!

Scientology isn't actually a recognised religion in the United Kingdom, after Hubbard accused the prime minister Harold Wilson and all European Psychiatry of a grand conspiracy against Scientologists. This report by the BBC's excellent Panorama investigative programme tries to understand why Scientologists want that Judges decision made decades ago reversed. Ironicly, the 'church' prooved the presenters point that they use intimidation and espionage to slander outsiders - by harassing the reporter during and after. A few links to explain the aftermath of this documentary:


cybrbeast said...

Good post, but you should watch out with copy/pasting, i.e. Ironicly -> Ironically, prooved -> proved.

I think we need new tags -> cult and Scientology.

Anyway, some scary shit. Too bad Sweeney lost it, it undermines the documentary a little.
They should have sent Louis Theroux :)

annom said...

Good post! I was just about to post this. Scary shit!

I don't think it undermines the documentary that Sweeney "lost" it. He only raised his voice because that fucktard didn't allow him to say anything. What he said was not bad, he just shouted it. I don't think he lost his mind, as he also said.

I agree that he shouldn't have done it, but I felt great that he did it because I had the feeling to yell at that retard the whole video.

annom said...

Here is an update about Hanson, the engineer from my previous Scientology post.

cybrbeast said...

When I said I lost it, I meant his temper. I agree he was right to get mad, but the problem is that this gave $cientology mud to throw with.

cybrbeast said...

That Hanson case continues to piss me off. I just can't understand how fucked up it is.
I wonder how it ends.

pimp-a-lot bear said...

interesting footage!

Since we're tagging Scientology as a cult, any chance they're gonna fair-game us?

cybrbeast said...

I don't know, maybe we'll get haxx0red

Douchebag said...

tommy did it