Tuesday, May 15, 2007

Synchronized skating

wiki Synchronized skating, a large and fast-growing, yet little recognized discipline, consists of 12-20 athletes skating on ice at one time moving as one flowing unit at high speeds. This discipline of figure skating was originally called precision skating in North America because of the emphasis on maintaining precise formations and timing of the group. The International Skating Union held the first official World Synchronized Skating Championships in 2000 in Minneapolis, MN, USA, in which the best senior teams from around the world gather to determine which is the world's best.
Never seen this before. Looks great, they should make it into an Olympic sport. More videos here (Video only works in IE). I bet the North Koreans would be good at this with their mass games and all. But that's for a separate post.


annom said...

It looks good, but can be better! It probably still is in its infancy. I want to see a synchronized three double axel(or whatever it's called).

Would be amazingly gay to see this with men only.

cybrbeast said...

Yeah they are not full in sync yet. If the sport gets more serious they will get better.
I really like it when the lines pass through each other, looks dangerous.

Male synchronous skating wouldn't be as gay as male acrobatics :)