Tuesday, February 26, 2008

CIA Recruiters Expelled from UCSB Campus

The CIA was scheduled to hold an “infosession” for students interested in jobs with the agency. Right as the session began, four activists entered the room and began to demonstrate waterboarding, a torture technique used by the CIA. After only one minute of the waterboarding demonstration the room was plunged into chaos by a group calling itself the Clandestine Insurgent Rebel Clown Army. The Rebel Clowns, joined by several dozen antiwar organizers took over the meeting room and began passing out information on the CIA’s use of illegal torture techniques and literature related to the agency’s long history of subverting foreign governments, assassinating foreign leaders and subverting democracy. The CIA agents fled the room but were pursued by a crowd of protestors chanting, “C-I-A, Go Away!” The agents were caught totally off-guard by the direct action. Protestors were overheard shouting to the escaping agents never to come back to UCSB.
Full story Waterboarding demonstration:

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"CIA, go away!":

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cybrbeast said...

Haha, nice action. CIRCA is cool, I met a few members in real life when I was in Edinburgh. Fun people.

annom said...

Good to see what a small number of people can do :)