Friday, February 08, 2008

Conflict: Denied Ops

The US government explicitly denies the existance of CIA's Special Activities Division. Their activities are put on *IGNORE* by Washington whom are keeping up the appearance they've never even happened. This is the general storyline of Conflict: Denied Ops, the latest FPS in the Conflict-series by Pivotal Games, published by Eidos. By the sound of that introduction one can tell tactical superiority is achieved by means of numbers and size, because officially, whatever havoc the player wreaks; .. it never happened.

Summarizing, Conflict: Denied Ops is a next-gen FPS set in volatile areas around the globe and features two player co-op. I suggest you should *NOT* view the non-existing trailer *NOT* shown underneath this post. Which actually happens to be pretty cool for something that doesn't actually exist.


cybrbeast said...

I don't know yet. You only see a short bit of gameplay footage.

ExpendableAsset said...

Sidenote: Next-Gen my ass.