Monday, February 25, 2008

Flight experiment

Today I woke up at 5:45 to get my train to Delft, in Delft I joined other students in a little van and drove to Rotterdam airport. There we had a small briefing after which we stepped into a small private jet that can seat 8 passengers and is tweaked for experiments. It can fly 13000 m high and its cruise speed is 745km/h.
We were in the air within 10min and set sail in the direction of nijmegen. There we did some measurements by hand, while the computer records everything, to keep us "in the loop". Then we could sit back and relax to enjoy the "eigenmotion" demonstrations and two parabolic flights.

I recorded some parts. I missed the phugoid and spiraling down and didn't really focus on the camera during the parabolic flight(zero g). I edited the usefull parts and slowed it down a bit to show something.

And killing some time with my camera while waiting for my train back to Utrecht:


pimp-a-lot bear said...

that's super-super-awesome!
it sure beats my day of following lectures.

pity you can't float in zero g because you 're strapped into your seat, otherwise it would be super-super-super-awesome!

Kamiel said...

nice video it looks super-cool.

Nice jet they got any idea of the coast of these experiments?

Pretty nice that you guys do this experiments above nijmegen. think its the best place to do a fatal crash.

cybrbeast said...

super-awesome indeed

annom said...

We actually flew back and forth between Nijmegen and Rotterdam a few times because it takes only 8-15 min. The whole flight took 1h.

They have to request things like spiral dives and parabolic flights because we needed a large empty playground. It looks very strange on the air traffic controls monitor when a dot does things like that.

I don't know how much it costs. It's hard to say. The aircraft is used for many different experiments and is owned by the TU and NLR. The pilots are lecturers. They say it costs 1000euro per student. This is the 2nd flight I made in this aircraft.

The aircraft costs a few million new.

dekus said...

"It can fly 13000 km high"

What exactly did you fly in? Are you sure it wasn't satellite? :P

Looks awesome!

annom said...

sharp as a razor! maybe it was 13 km :) Cessna Citation II550