Friday, February 29, 2008

Photoshop vs. Illustrator

Last night we had a little discussion about wether Photoshop or Illustrator should/could be used in order to create graphics. I found this article on the web in which to my opinion the differences are explained good without ranting on for ages.
If you need to acquire, modify, print or deploy to the web images of a "photographic" nature, then PS or PSE would be the program of choice. If you need to create complicated graphics like maps, logos, schematics, or even publications for print like ads, brochures, menus, etc, -- particularly with typography -- then Illustrator is the one.


annom said...

Yeah, that's what we told the douchebag :)

What does the "Pi" picture in your post mean? Photoshop vs Illustrator?

We need more x vs y posts. And a x vs y label. We already have: Tree vs jeep, boat vs wave, bugatti vs cessna, ak47 vs m16, etc, etc

pimp-a-lot bear said...

I'm pretty sure it's a combination of the photoshop icon and the illustrator icon.

I agree we can use such a label.

dekus said...

It's indeed the two icons combined, it looks crappy on my screen at home. I made it at work and there it looked fine.

How does it look on your screens?

All those in favour of a XvsY tag say aye!

dekus: aye

dekus said...

link regarding the Adobe icons