Wednesday, May 21, 2008

Tracking How Far Soccer Players Run

Some time ago when I was watching a Champions League game and they were showing the stats on how far the players had run. For the euro 2008 tournament this technology will be fully used. They use 16 camera's around the field and 3 laptops that calculate in real time the distance each player runs. This technology can also calculate what the movement speed of each player is, and is within 3% accurate with the stats. I couldn't find more exact information about how this technology works. These statistics show that soccer players can run huge distances (up to 14 kilometers) in a game. You also can see who are the real workers in a team and who are the lazy fuckers. This technology already showed some fun stats like: "Chelsea goalie Petr Cech ran much farther to celebrate a Champions League win against Barcelona last year. The sprint, captured by UEFA’s system when it was in testing, was the fastest run of the game, by any player, UEFA’s Mr. Lewis said."


annom said...

That is some cool statistics!

I'm still thinking of how to carry my GPS tracker while playing football myself. I don't want to hurt myself, others or the GPS tracker and still want to play freely. Any ideas?

Kamiel said...

i found this picture at the internet about holding gps system. looks at a pretty safe place to hold an GPS tracker

cybrbeast said...

Yeah, but then you need some kind of strap. I say stick it where the sun don't shine :P though I doubt you get a GPS signal there.