Thursday, October 15, 2009

Wikipedia in your pocket

Fuck the cheatsheet, I'm bringing my Wikireader! with 3 million articles in my pocket, I'm ready for my timemachine! It has a monochrome touchscreen and three buttons and uses a microSD card to store wikipedia. You can update it freely by downloading the 4 GB image which contains wikipedia. It costs 99 USD and can be bought on their website.


cybrbeast said...

Cool. Though I'd rather have an e-paper reader like a kindle. I think you could also get wiki on there and it's much bigger and looks better. Also it doesn't look like this device displays pictures, I want pics!
Don't forget to bring a solar charger, or you'd have to build a generator before your batteries run out :)

pimp-a-lot bear said...

Yes I need a solar powered one.

I don't know whether I'd prefer an e-paper-book-reader or something smaller.

cybrbeast said...

Here I found a solar battery charger which will work with your wiki reader :)