Tuesday, August 24, 2010

Amateur Manned Suborbital Spaceflight

Pure awesomeness from Copenhagen. These amateurs from Copenhagen Suborbitals are trying to launch a man to > 100 km (suborbital), just like spaceship-one. They are towing their home-made sea launch platform, including rocket, with their home-made submarine to a place where they are allowed to launch. First launch will feature a dummy, it will probably take a few years before they go for a real manned flight, but they are serious about it. This is all done with less than $50,000. I have been following these guys for a while now in this forum post. This week it hit the interwebz news, launch is in 5 days. 


cybrbeast said...

That's pretty awesome, though it only seems to fit one person who it literally strapped atop a rocket, so it can't really be compared to SpaceShipOne, which I would prefer to fly :)

annom said...

I prefer being strapped atop a rocket. They make the same flight, that's the comparison. And Scaled Composites doesn't have a submarine, ha!