Monday, August 23, 2010

America can't be considered a civilized country Part III

Another part in our series

North Carolina Crime Lab Buried Blood Evidence

Greg Taylor was wrongfully convicted of killing a prostitute in 1991 in North Carolina. Taylor proclaimed his innocence, but the evidence against him seemed insurmountable: blood from the victim found on his SUV.

The catch is that there was never any blood in the car. Taylor was convicted after crime lab technicians reported traces of blood on his SUV near the crime scene. Those same technicians buried the results of additional testing that showed there was never any blood. Taylor wrongly served 17 years in prison until being released in February.

Blood Evidence Buried in Hundreds of Cases



annom said...


Dutch courts used stupid statistical evidence without consulting real statisticians to sentence Lucia de B. to life. Some bad luck probability was 1/25 instead of 1/342000000 . Her case was reopened because a judicial commission found that the original investigation was one large tunnel vision process.

cybrbeast said...

That's true and very bad. But this smells like the prison-industrial-complex.

annom said...

I missed the rest of the article (stupid page layout). Interesting what will happen with the 190 cases that will be reviewed. Very sad if it happened just for the +1.