Tuesday, August 24, 2010

information is beautiful

This guy David McCandless has a serieus data fetish. Some of the pictures he pulls out of the stats are nice aswell.
My favorites are the time line of scare stories:
And the wiki lame edit war is also funny:
He also had some nice background stats in google docs
Here is his TED-Talk


Kamiel said...

somehow editing the pictures so they get readable gives a instand error. I noobed it up :(

cybrbeast said...

Good TED talk, beautiful data :)

annom said...

Nice. I like the data visualisations. The guy uses too many gay metaphors and I don't really trust his data gathering methods though.

annom said...

I had a few examples of why I think he is not very critical/scientific during data gathering, but I forgot.

Kamiel said...

hmm vodka vakantion

pimp-a-lot bear said...

the Guardian's datablog is a little less visual but also worth a visit.

I like the colours he's using in his visualisation.