Saturday, August 21, 2010

The Sacred War

I think this is the music we heard at the big motherfucking thing 2 in kiev. It's about the Great Patriotic war:

Get up, the giant country,
Get up for mortal fight
With German horde uncounted,
With forces of the night

Let noble anger of the soul
Get boiled as a wave.
The peoples war, the holy war.
Well fight until the grave.

Let's give repulse to oppressors
Of all the ardent thoughts.
To rapers and to murderers,
Let's say the swear words.


We will not let the darkened wings
Fly over Motherland.
The native country spacious fields
Are not for fiend's extend.

For rotten fascist pack we've got
A bullet and a bomb.
The spawn of the planet Earth
Must get into the tomb.


annom said...

:) I had found the same song. Here is another decent Soviet song, youtube link.

cybrbeast said...

Cool, I think you may be right. Here is a video taken in the tunnel, music is barely audible but sounds the same.