Thursday, September 10, 2015

Global Fishing Watch

Global Fishing Watch is  a technology to show all of the trackable fishing activity in the ocean. It was created to recognize the patterns of fishing boats and in this way to to detect them from other boats.
Nice use of data technology to identify illegal fishing, so it can be stopped. 

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cybrbeast said...
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cybrbeast said...

**Oops, previous comment had old video link, here is the correct one**

Very interesting and nice project! I also used AIS data for one of my first projects at work.

annom said...

Indeed a nice project! But who is going to fine those illegal fishers?

I like global, open, decentralized systems/information. I see more and more potential the more I read and think about them.

AIS is not a typical example, such as torrents or bitcoin, but still an awesome example where you see new applications being build on top of this open layer.