Sunday, September 27, 2015

K2: The Killer Summit

Low quality youtube link here. There is also a 720p torrent out there (highly recommended because of the scenery), should I post the link or are we then endangering the blog?

I found this documentary quite fascinating although it doesn't really teach anything, it only tells the story of the most lethal day in the history of K2 using rather good re-enactments and stunning images of the landscape.

ps. I've slightly adjusted the width of the blog so that embedded clips have a better fit when set on 640x360.


annom said...

That was an interesting watch. At some points I, when they showed the views, I really wanted to go and do this mountaineering stuff. At other moments, it was quite clear that I don't want to do this stuff...

Most of them made really stupid decisions though. Most of them appear to be more thrill seekers than professional mountaineers. I already learned many things not to do just from watching this.

Too bad this happened in 2008, before the GoPro era. I guess there would be lots of real high quality footage if this happened now.

annom said...

Also good job on adjusting the width of the blog.

annom said...

Here is a documentary of climbing the K2 with real footage from 2012. Gives a better idea of how this works.