Friday, September 11, 2015

Transit Visualization Client

"This tracker provides movement visualization of transit data published by transit agencies and operators from all over the world. The movements are mostly based on static schedule data. Wherever real-time data is available it is also included in the visualization."

It does not (yet) use real-time data in the Netherlands, but it shows what is possible once real-team data is available.

The NS app already uses real-time data, edit: and has an in-app overview map.


dekus said...

NS app does have a real time map. Well, with a short delay maybe.
In the app go to menu -> treinradar

annom said...

Ah! Had not seen that before! Great.

They should make this data open so we do not rely on the NS for making nice maps, and can combine it with busses etc.

annom said...

They should replace the static railway maps on stations with screens showing the treinradar.

dekus said...

I was disappointed as well when I saw that the railmap on the website was without any transit info.

cybrbeast said...

Cool stuff. When taking shelter for the rain I was talking to someone working for public transit management. He said they were SLOWLY working on opening up all their traffic data according to some standard. All buses are GPS tracked already for internal reporting and live schedules.