Monday, September 07, 2015

AHN, my favorite open geographic dataset of NL

One of the most detailed heightmaps in the world!

Access to this data used to be very expensive, now it's all open! I've made a selection of some layers and chosen special places to the Rainbowboys. Can you guess where they are? (file names will reveal location, so be careful when hovering over the images).

A: AHN2, raw data with legend

B: AHN2, Blue to Red, water=green

C: AHN3, Raw data

D: AHN2, Shaded Relief, water = aerial photo

E: AHN2: Raw data 50% transparency, Hillshade

F: AHN2: Raw data, shaded relief

G: AHN2: Shaded relief, red to blue

Here you can play with the data viewer yourself. Would love it if you added some special places to the list!


annom said...

AHN is great!

D is our trip spot on Schiermonnikoog.

Added two places to the list.

The dynamic maps give most information, although a bit slow.

cybrbeast said...

F: Loonse Duinen? Why is the second one such a huge area?

cybrbeast said...

E is within G :)

cybrbeast said...

Looking at it again, it must be super hard for most areas if you don't know what you are looking at before you turn the AHN on :)

annom said...

F is Soestduinen.

> Why is the second one such a huge area?

Because it shows some larger features that you never notice when you are on the ground. I simply like it.

cybrbeast said...

Have we ever been to Soestduinen? I don't recall.

Yeah de Heuvelrug looks much more interesting in relief.

annom said...

No, we have never been to Soestduinen. We should though. It is only 20 min by train. I did some walks in that area this year.