Thursday, October 05, 2006

afval = voedsel

real intresting documantairy about a new way of recycling, and making products that don't harm the earth or even where the earth can benfit from this not a documantary about dreaming of an utopia but one with real solutions . don't know how long this documantary will stay online but realy worth to watch it. for me it was worth the 50 min of time wasting :)


ExpendableAsset said...

Either it doesn't like FireFox, or it doesn't like me. But I guess the bottomline is it's not working for me. :(

Kamiel said...

got firefox aswell and it worked for me so i guess its just you :)

anyway the name of the documantary is: tegenlicht, Afval = Voedsel.
tryed to search if other sides posted it aswell but couldn't find them.