Wednesday, October 18, 2006


The new Stemwijzer for the upcoming elections is online! Mark Ruttes(VVD) advice was to vote D66 and VVD was last on his list :) I don't like the questions they ask; I think they left out a lot of important issues. Here is my vote advice:
Rens:Feel free to add yours if you feel like taking the time to printscreen and upload it.


cybrbeast said...

Hey! I wanted to post this..

I agree, the test isn't too good. When I reviewed my answers and changed a thing or two the results changed quite a bit.
There should be more and better questions.
But at least it's a good indication of left or right wing.

dekus said...

I must admit, this was a hasty test, many of the questions were answered with the "dunno" (reed: "I don't give a flying f*ck" or "Are you talking to me?") button.

So I must do some research into the matters at hand, but it does point me into the leftish politics...

cybrbeast said...

Typical that Dekus had to post the extended version of the results...
Why don't you go and vote for the Senior Party (VSP)

dekus said...

Why don't you go ahead and vote for the partie for the animals, so we al could live happily beside bunnies and wildebeests, and a gorilla would be king of the world just like America right now.

Besides, it's DekuS, with a capital D&S!

dekus said...


Kamiel said...

i posted the extended version aswell.
small party's are intrestting aswell in my opinion otherwise we are stuck to PVDA, CDA and VVD for ever.

Een nieuw politiek begint niet met grote woorden
maar met kleine daden

zoals storm met zacht geritsel in de tuin
of de kat die de kolder in zijn kop krijgt

zoals brede rivieren
met een kleine bron
verscholen in het woud

zoals een vuurzee
met dezelfde lucifer
die een sigaret aansteekt

zoals liefde met een blik
een aanraking iets dat je opvalt in een stem

jezelf een vraag stellen
daarmee begint verzet

en dan die vraag aan een ander stellen

Vrije verkrachting van:
"Verzet begint niet met grote woorden"
Van: Remco Campert

annom said...

I would love to see a new social-liberal party.

dekus said...

Some new and refreshing people in dutch politics would be nice, but I'm not keen on a spree of "Pim Fortuin copycats"...


cybrbeast said...

Typical that Douche puts his results on the top of the page.

Dekus, it's Fortuyn btw

I wouldn't vote on one of these fringe parties myself, they're likely to not even get one seat. Maybe if they get a bit bigger and prove themselves I would take them seriously.