Thursday, October 05, 2006

Google sketchup

Not as good as most CAD programs. but very easy to use and you can make some nice sketches with it. I learned the program and maked this sketch in 40 min. realy easy for some fast 3d sketching.


annom said...

Nice! What is it? :)

Kamiel said...

it was a manquette i maked for skool: we neede to make a sculpture that symboled movement and ballance with one free shape and 3 shapes where frome all the sides where parellel on the same orthograal raster.
after we maked it we needed to sketch it and i used this free programm to see how the shadows where going to look.

annom said...

Cool! Well done!

ExpendableAsset said...


Just remember: the past-tense of make is [b]made[/b]. There is no such thing as maked. But hey - what the hell. For you there is because that sketch rocks!

And the shadow, too :)

ps. I have no idea what an orthograal raster is, but it sounds fancy. I want one!

pimp-a-lot bear said...

Nice sketch, Wiki!

annom said...

Stop kicking our dyslectic gaybear in the balls your spelling nazi! :)