Thursday, February 07, 2008

Chain of pendulums

I made a simple MATLAB simulation of a swinging pendulum and tried to visualize the 'wave' behaviour by making a chain of individual pendulums, released from the same altitude(angle) but at small constant time intervals. It shows the motion of the pendulum vs time, but created by a line of pendulums in 3D space.
high-res xvid


pimp-a-lot bear said...

that looks nice!

did you program it symbolically?

annom said...

No, I solved the 2D pendulum on paper (it was pre-chewed(?) in a book). It was the first assignment of a flight dynamics practicum where they assume you don't have any experience with matlab.

We had to plot the pendulum angle vs time in a simple 2D plot to learn matlab basics, but I made this while others were noobing around.

cybrbeast said...

Nice work, looks quite hypnotic