Wednesday, December 17, 2008

Nukes in Space - The Rainbow Bombs

Media: Documentary
Name: Nukes in Space - The Rainbow Bombs IMDb / review: IMDb Runtime: 53 min Torrent Buy it @ Amazon

Why bother: V2, cold war, space race, exploding rockets, nukes in space, van Allen belts, ICBM's and stuff like that. It's more about rockets than nukes so the title may be a bit misleading. Rating: 8/10 - Rocketry is cool.


cybrbeast said...

I've seen this one, but it was slightly disappointing when you expect something as good as Trinity and Beyond.

annom said...

yeah, it is not about nukes, but I was looking for rocket history.

annom said...

* rocket history videos. If you know any other docu with rocket images, let me know. I hope to supply my rocket motion prof with some cool rocket videos, the course is too much equations and too little visual coolness.