Tuesday, October 06, 2009

Giving the Firefox Status Bar more PNWAGE

There are a lot of fun things you can add to that boring status bar at the bottom of your browser. After reading a compilation of the top 50 Firefox Status Bar addons for your toobar. I found a few good ones and installed them. These include For all our geeky stat needs there's Extended Statusbar One I use a lot is Forecastfox. It has a nice looking 3 day forecast with extra info on mouseover. It also has buttons to a 5-day and an hourly forecast. Finally there's a button that shows the cloudradar over Europe. Now if I could only integrate buienradar into this, it would be perfect. Then for the geek's e-penis there's the TabCounter it counts how many tabs are open and also keeps a record of the most tabs opened ev3r! You see the little counter at the right bottom of the image. The TabCounter stat window is only displayed when you click the tab button On the bottom of the picture above you also see the very handy IE Tab. It is currently set to Firefox, but click it and it will render the active tab like Internet Explorer does. Can be very handy when there are stupid sites that aren't optimized for Firefox. Another slick tool is the Download Statusbar. It does open a new status bar above the regular one (but it auto-hides when not in use). It is very compact and packs in more useful features than the standard download window, including: -Stop downloads and save them for the next browser session. -Option to start virus scanner when a download completes. Finally, there's the mostly useless (except for web-techies) but fun Flagfox. Displays a country flag depicting the location of the current website's server and provides quick access to detailed location and webserver information. Now that you've messed up your toolbar it's time to organize, and that's where Organize Status Bar comes in. It's a bit user-unfriendly but it does manage to arrange the status bar as you see fit (mostly). Now if only I could add an addon that allowed me to put a few bookmarks, like buienradar, and the readability Annom posted, into the status bar of Firefox. Do you have any other gems that belong in the status bar? Please comment... (and I added the new tag Firefox (if you click on it you will find a few more Firefox addon related posts))


burdturgler said...

ffs I came here for some firefox addons but now I have rainbows stuck in my teeth!

What do I use to get that out? .. Unicorn horn?

What in the hell is this blog? It's like a bunch of gummy bears did ecstasy and then threw up.

cybrbeast said...

This blog is mostly used for a few friends to share random stuff. We don't take ourselves too serious, and when we needed a theme we thought this might be fun :)

annom said...

"It's like a bunch of gummy bears did ecstasy and then threw up."

lol, we should make a review section with quotes about our blog.

We also have: "That webpage made me want to kill something."

"OMG Carebears!! skin, I see"

annom said...

I like them all. Stats are cool.

Anonymous said...

Thanks for the tips! I'm now using the weather thingo and the IE switcher.