Sunday, May 02, 2010

Computer animation

Maybe a bit boring for the youtube generation, after a minute I expected to see some boobs or at least a fat german kid breaking his neck.
Anyway the animation skillz are nice and the idea of "architecture through the cinematographic lens" is kinda cool so here is the video:
he made it in sketchup, 3dmax, vray, aftereffects and priemere. here is a video to kinda see how he did it:


cybrbeast said...

I never got around to watching these until now.
It's fucking amazing! So realistic, the scenery looks as good if not better than in Avatar.
Must watch in HD on Vimeo.

So I've promoted your post back to the top (you can do that by changing the date of the post through editing the post).

annom said...

Yeah, I did watch it. Very nice, also great to see how he makes it, textures are everything.