Friday, May 07, 2010

Some new Renders

Here are some renders from a new model I made up, it's some green Urbanvilla/Skycrapper. For DUBAI!!!!!1!! omg for real!!!1!!
Actually I would like to have the green to be as in these pictures but the rendertime would be estimated at 623 hours for one picture. i need a 623x faster PC on my next birthday.
I also made a thingie to get the feeling more of the animated shit. This movie took me 25 hours to render. Its shitty on everything but i don't wana render it again.


cybrbeast said...

Nice work. What program do you use?

One remark though, either those windmills are tiny or the apartments are enormous.

annom said...

Very nice!

It looks like there are more floors on one layer.

I also want to know what program you use, sketchup?
Isn't GPU rendering the default in 3D software these days? That should be many many fast.

If you want to be hip in the green world, you may look into incorporating this new type of wind turbine in some design.

cybrbeast said...

GPU rendering is not the default in most programs. There are some exclusive plugins for 3ds and Maya

Kamiel said...

Yeah one layer is 3 floors. I use the programe Cinema4D to paint it and vectorworks for the modeling. I keep tuning about the rendersettings what give the best result in the worse time, its not my specialty to. I will check if i can download a GPU rendering plug in.