Thursday, May 06, 2010

America can't be considered a civilized country - Part II

We already had this post about how America treats (some) gays. Today I came along two drug related stories that, again, show that America can not be considered a civilized country.

Meet Roderick J. Walker. He is sentenced to LIFE in prison for selling LSD. Here is some more official background information. It only confirms his story. He will spend the rest of his life behind bars, no parole, unless the president does something or a miracle happens. For selling LSD.

And second, here you can see how a SWAT team will enter your house and shoot your dogs in front of your 7 year old son and wife, if they suspect you posses some weed and bongs:


annom said...

This was just the news from a single day, not a collection of the worst stuff.

A Shroomery mod is missing and probably busted (we know someone from his small town is busted for growing mushrooms). They call it a "SUPER LAB" and "Psilocybin extraction lab", while it's just a bunch a mushrooms in jelly cans and maybe grinding them to make chocolate bars. They also say it costs 50,000 USD to remove the "dangerous lab", while I could do it in a few hours. It's just a bunch of jelly cans.

cybrbeast said...

That sucks big time

Kamiel said...

Brrr it sux when a country lost his rationality. Specialy when this country is the "leading" country of the world.