Friday, September 04, 2015

Future Space Tribe :)

Monday I started work on a website and though there is enough to share now.

It's still very much a WIP! Made with Squarespace, had no idea how awesome it is, and I've only scratched the surface.


annom said...

Awesome! It even has a 4D section...

You should work on the logo/header. It does not integrate into the site (it's a rectangular image).

Also, I tried calling the phone number on the site and nobody picks up the phone!

cybrbeast said...

Yeah I know! The logo was a 20min photoshop project + Magic Fluids (super awesome android app) placeholder that stuck around as I wanted to do other things.

I'll need to contact the IT department about the phone, but they never reply to my emails.

cybrbeast said...

Also I'm thinking about one day making a section called "The Final Frontier" and dedicate that to Salvia and other breakthrough drugs. But that's something for when people don't think I'm as crazy anymore.