Wednesday, November 15, 2006

Let's show some personality

This blog has been up and running for quite some time now and I think it's about time to show some personality. Let's start with you guys' favorite paintings (this can be anything from a Rembrandt to a Coca Cola poster).

This is my favorite, I like it because of the colours and the spring feeling that's surrounding it. Slightly edited by ExpendableAsset to make it more legible. Pimpnamedslick: Picking my favorite wasn't so easy for me, so I decided to show you a picture I really, really, like. By Constant Troyon,

cybrbeast Monet
I think it sure is purdy

my 2the painting is this one : its frome Egon Schiele its the only painting i like frome him. i realy like tree paintings Annom:
"High and Low", Lithograph, 1947 - M.C. Escher
It's not a painting, but a lithograph. It's just one of the many artworks I really like. I saw a very beautiful old impressionistic painting in the Groninger Museum two years ago, but I forgot the name of the painting and the name of the artist. I tried to find it online, but failed.


Kamiel said...

nice paintings funny to see what paintings you guys like. Know you guys frome some time now never knowed what for painting you guys digged. fun to see youre favorites.

cybrbeast said...

That Escher Annom posted is awesome.

I'm not really into painting, don't know why. I looked online for a few artists and paintings I could remember and made my choice. Maybe we should visit a museum sometime :)

Kamiel said...

i'm not that mutch in to painting aswell. still i think its fun to see what i like and why i like it. and what makes some paintings special for me. Paintings are one of the many things i don't understand. a monet toutch me more as the paintings my granny makes frome here beautyfull backyard. but i can't explain why. and i'm even not sure if its because i know that one is a monet and the other one is a mien jansen. anyway you only can be impressed with things that you can't fully understand. so thats why i like painting.

its for sure nice to go to the museum sometimes. (although i hated going to the museum with my parends)