Wednesday, November 29, 2006


From this week on I will pick out an architect every 2 weeks and will tell you guys something about him. I will do this for my self so i enlarge my knowledge about architecture and I hope you guys like it as well. The first architect I will talk about is Zaha Hadid (OMG ITS A WOMEN). She comes frome Iraq and studied in Iraq and London, she won many prices and was the first women who won the Pritzker-prize (many snobs think that's the Nobel rice of architecture). Now lets talk about here buildings, here style is deconstructivist some people will describe that style as "hip and trendy" for others it means: a building thats unpredictably and got a lot of controlled chaos (as a reflection to the society of the seventies), this is mostly created with non-linear and non-euclidean geometry. In my own words deconstructivism is: if you look at a building and you cant see how its build and how it functions at first sight. for example when you see a deconstructive building floors can look like they float in the air and walls can look like they should fall any seccond. To realy show some stuff now i will show some pic You can like here buildings or not but one thing is sure: She is damm ugly This is the fire station where on of here famous buildings. the front wall stands at 70degree what is typically for deconstructivism This is one of here newest buildings at the louvre in paris. its always hard to make modern architecture in an old city. because everybody always will say that it don't fits in and if it fits in everybody will think its a cheap replica of an old building. Anyway judge for youre self. for more Zaha Hadid look at here site.


cybrbeast said...

I like the Louvre building. Very intriguing.
Is this building also deconstrutivist?

pimp-a-lot bear said...

I like your idea of posting some architecture on this blog. This way I may learn something about architects.

By the way, I liked the controlled chaos.

Kamiel said...

it isn't deconstructism i think because there are to much organic shapes in it.
And it got strange shapes but the construction is kinda clear.

the building you chooses is a real hard one. The organic shapes can be divine as jugendstil/art novau but it aint got the decorations like it.
If i want to divine it better i need more info about the materials and then it still be hard don't even know if there is a style for this building. You can check Architectural style for more info.

For now i would like to call the style: The drunken Hobbit style.

cybrbeast said...

haha, I think the building looks as if I'm tripping :)

annom said...

Cool series!

I don't particularly like deconstructivisme so far.

Her website is totally deconstructive.