Saturday, November 04, 2006

US shuts down 'how to build a nuclear bomb' website

The US government has shut down a website containing Iraqi documents from the Saddam Hussein era, after complaints - including one from the United Nations' nuclear watchdog - that they amounted to a manual on how to build an atomic bomb.
According to the Times, the documents in question contain charts and diagrams that give information going well beyond what exists elsewhere on the internet, including details of how to build firing circuits for a bomb, as well as their core of fissile material. Not only did the documents illustrate the technical problems encountered by the Iraqis, they also showed the way a would-be bomb constructor could get round them.
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annom said...

This is a difficult point on the topic of free speech/information...

I don't know what to think of this yet.

Do you think they are right by shutting it down?

dekus said...

*big awkwerd silence*

annom said...



dekus said...


can you imagine I googled the word?


cybrbeast said...

Oh didn't see the comment. Uhm.. good point.
I think it's best to not have detailed nuclear information lying around.
'With great power comes great responsibility' :)