Wednesday, March 05, 2008

Active Avalanches on Mars Caught by HiRISE

HiRISE has recently released 9.9 TB of data, including images of active avalanches on Mars.

Also released was an image of the Earth and Moon as seen from Mars


Kamiel said...

interesting pictures. omg 9 tb thats a lot of data, almost as much as the amount of porn i download on a month base.

annom said...

Beautiful shots!

I made an assignment about HiRISE (hi-resolution telescope). It's a very pimped digital camera. Can make 800MP shots, by scanning the surface like a copier. Its ground resolution is (max) 3cm/pixel.

cybrbeast said...

Wow, 3cm per pixel, that's really sharp, way better than Earth observation. But of course there is little atmosphere on Mars to hinder observation.

annom said...

Sorry, that was a lie (or maybe typo ;).

It's 30cm.

cybrbeast said...

Ah that sounds more likely :)