Monday, March 24, 2008

Rainbowboys Pie Chart

The image below is just a static image, but if you follow this link you go to the rainbow pie which is dynamic and will keep up to date on our posting.

update: Pie 2.0


Kamiel said...

nice pie! great job

maybe a link in the side bar to this pie would be great.

Also it would be nice to make a combine pie with the post for 3 points and the comments for 1 point. so that way we get a pie witch we can see who is the best contributer.

Also this pie could have some more difference in color.

pimp-a-lot bear said...

mmm pie!
I like the idea of a combined pie, only the pointing system wiki suggested looks unfair to me.

cybrbeast said...

I already put a link to the chart in the sidebar under top bloggers.
Maybe I'll make another pie chart for the comments, but combining doesn't make much sense for me.

cybrbeast said...

Good idea on the colors wiki. I thought I couldn't change them, but a quick look in the chart API showed I could. Behold Pie 2.0