Thursday, March 20, 2008

Top Poster of the Last 500 Posts Widget!

And I made it! Partly :)

I looked up the source of the "top 500 comments" in Yahoo Pipes. I copied and adapted that code to extract the last 500 posts from our blog. I put in a filter that only those with more than 20 posts are shown, bye bye Mr Wiggles and Expendable Asset :P
You can see the pipe I made here. The widget is on our right sidebar under recent comments.
Luckily I still had my old Yahoo account (dare_to_mail_me) so I didn't have to make a new one.

Finally I used the javascript post on this page to put the output of the pipe in our blog. I think I can also edit the 500 Recent Comments now to suit our needs, i.e. only display those with more than 20 comments or so.


annom said...

You are TEH e-PLUMBER! Good job!

cybrbeast said...

I've changed the top comments to only show those with more than 5 comments.
Maybe I should change both to the last 100 items. That would make the lists more dynamic. Yes, no?