Saturday, March 01, 2008

Rabbit VS Snake

here is a x vs y video! don't fuck with the bunny!

Ps. no need to put on your sound for this movie, except if you wanna know how a man sounds after he is kicked in his ball.


dekus said...

added label: pwnage

cybrbeast said...

Good work, now who will dig through all our previous posts to sift out the other X-vs-Y and tag them? :)

btw, wiki, how do you embed your videos? All your's usually have this little white box along it. I fixed it now.

I usually embed this way:
>Go to the YouTube page
>Click customize and add a nice color :)
>Copy the embed code
>Paste it in the post
> Change the tags in the posts to width="500", height="418"

But if that's to much trouble, then I don't really mind fixing your posts, they will all be pink though :P

Kamiel said...

think 90% of our post can be tagged as x vs y. I will put the x vs y in the comments for the next posts.

yeah i don't care about youtube colors. Posting a video's is already a hard time for me.

pimp-a-lot bear said...

A search for vs led to 17 results, which I promptly labeled.

A new label means that we should update the label-sidebar. does the number next to the label have any added value?