Saturday, March 01, 2008

Why Torture Doesn't Work and What Does

Three Torture Myths
How To Make A Terrorist Cry
There is a documentary about this called Taxi to the Dark Side (imdb) (torrent)


dekus said...

This guy really gives me some hope in the American intelligence. Good post, downloading torrent as I speak (type).

Kamiel said...

x vs y is good cop methods VS bad cop methods

good to see that not all Americans are such a rouwdouwers (don't know what the right English word for it is feel free to translate it)

cybrbeast said...

We don't have to label each post X-vs-Y wiki. Only those where it's explicitly stated or very obvious.

Kamiel said...

nahhh i was just saying that the label x vs y is a pretty wide label in my opinion.

its like having a porno label on a sex site

dekus said...

When the core message of a post regards a comparison between two "things", your talking about a X-vs-Y label.

In this situation the post regards the interrogation methods of the CIA and FBI. Not a good cop bad cop situation, this is mentioned only once in the video as a side comment.