Thursday, March 13, 2008

IR webcam

Today I decided that it was time for my 8 year old webcam to open up. With the help of a screwdriver and a lot of force I opened the cam:I took apart the lens by removing some plastic with a knife, there I saw a small square piece of glass (the thing in the picture above is the CCD sensor). Looked like a filter, maybe IR or UV.

The image did change without the filter, but I wanted all visible light removed so I took a small piece of photographic film (negative) of a white picture and put it in the place of the old filter. I think I once read that should only block visible light.

Here is the result. I think what you see are near infra-red NIR (IR close to red) images. It sure is not a night vision camera. It actually needs daylight to see anything at all. With an infrared lamp it would work as a night camera though, but no cool "heat" images. Here is the world in (near) infrared through my webcam:

the grass is all white:
a remote control: 10 euro bill:


dekus said...

Been sogging again Annom? :)

cybrbeast said...

Wow, very cool! The grass being white is a good indication of capturing NIR because vegetation reflects highly in this wavelength.
What does it look like without the photographic film? Do you get a CIR like image?

You don't get heat images with NIR, you need longer wave infrared for that.

pimp-a-lot bear said...

interesting expiriment!

Kamiel said...

indeed interesting. probbely a stupid question but what makes the 10 euro bill lighting up?

cybrbeast said...

wiki not a stupid question, I was wondering the same thing. Strange material probably.
Thermal infrared is from 8000 to 15000nm btw.